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Sanur & Nusa Lembongan Hotels & Villas

We have gone to great lengths only to list 100% Balinese friendly Nusa Lembongan / Sanur hotels & villas.. Bali "Villas" marked in parenthesis are hotel villas (suites / bungalows). Travel Ethos recommends tourists visit: the Bali Area Guide page.

Diwangkara Holiday "Villa" Beach Resort - North Sanur Beach.
Next to the Le Mayeur Museum, just north of the golf greens, a Balinese run beachfront hotel; from around US$54 per night.

Griya Santrian Hotel - Central Sanur Beach.
Very popular beachfront hotel with many room types and quite spacious grounds; from around US$85 per night.

La Taverna Hotel - Central Sanur Beach.
One of Bali's first ever hotels, best beachfront location, operated by Balinese; from around US$58 per night.

Tamukami Hotel - Central Sanur.
Stylish small / compact hotel with very good rooms and great restaurant; from around US$54 per night.

Puri Santrian Hotel - South Sanur Beach.
On the more exclusive south beach with some exceptional room options, Balinese owned; from around US$76 per night.

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