— Paradise without persecution

100% Pro-Balinese Hotels & Villas in Bali.

Travel Ethos ONLY lists hotels and villas in Bali which are 100% Balinese friendly; we help foreign tourists to support Bali / ethical tourism and with it achieve for themselves an authentic tropical island paradise vacation to remember.

It is a little known or perhaps callously ignored fact that the vast majority of resorts, hotels and villas in Bali are actually anti-Balinese in one form or another; likely well over 90% of them. For details of what goes on and the unpleasant modern history of Bali, please see our Indonesian persecution page.

If you have booked or are considering booking with / into holiday accommodations not listed here, please ask them if they conform to the Bali Ethics Code. If they do not, please consider changing your reservations to a hotelier or villa owner that does. If they do, please let us know as we will list and support the majority of such Bali friendly villas / hotels without any charge to them!

We make no apology for the small number of lodgings listed on Travel Ethos, this regrettably is a sign of a greater widespread problem; the hidden persecution of the Balinese. It is ironic with so many foreign visitors claiming with a passion to love Bali that most of them actually vacation at hotels which do no more then hire Indonesian staff at very low minimum wage levels.

Please, if you operate or know of a hotel or villa in Bali not listed here which meets our ethics code, please take a look at the Join Our Reservations Site page. Conversely, if you see accommodations here which you believe shouldn't be, let us know!

No matter how you book, via us or with your chosen travel agent or tour company, we hope you will only book into one of the hotels or villas featured here. If you like the fact and way we are trying to change the callous Indonesian tourism industry please help us, see our Support Us & Bali page.

We believe Bali has better and more ethical accommodation than even properties in Portugal and / or Spain, if you are prepared to look for it. Remember you are in Indonesia, not the Mediterranean, and if you research your holiday enough, you should have a great time while helping the Balinese.

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