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Privacy Policy.

We do not collect any information on you at all except for data on our log files which is solely for security purposes; this does not include your email address, name or anything like that. When you click a link to an external web site, they may well collect data on you and / or place a customer identifier called a "cookie" on your PC. We do not use cookies ourselves.


About / Contact Travel Ethos.

Travel Ethos is not a travel operator or reservations agent. Travel Ethos simply provides web pages describing hotels and villas in Bali, together with links to their own web sites / reservations staff and / or established 3rd party booking agents. As such, there is no point in the majority of people contacting us as people who use our site to make reservations need to deal directly with the accommodations provider or the 3rd party booking agent used.

However, if a hotel, villa or agent is letting you down, or if you have substantive cause to believe a hotelier or villa owner listed here does not conform to our ethics code, or you wish to send us feedback – If you can not see / click our email address, it is because you do not have JavaScript enabled. In which case you need to type out our email address manually; below is a photograph / image of our email address:

A picture of our email address

Why do we disguise our email address like this? Because, unfortunately, spammers use “bots” to search web sites like ours for email addresses to send Viagra, etc. spam mail to.

Travel Ethos makes money from charging hotels / villas to be listed here and / or from commissions earned when you book via one of the reservation agents we link to. Travel Ethos used to donate every cent / penny it earned from hotels and villas in Bali but had to stop because of problems getting some hotels to pay the charities involved (no, these are not listed here now) and because there was some evidence of staff at one particular supported charity were pocketing the money we earned them for themselves! So instead now Travel Ethos uses every penny it earns;

1) To pay for the upkeep of this site and its associated Travel Forum.
2) To fight the endemic corruption and human rights abuse in Bali.

If you really need to contact us (we do not take kindly to sales & marketing or other abuse type mail or calls), our details are;

Travel Ethos
Apartado Postal 43
36450 Salvaterra de Miño

Tel: 672 143 809

This web site is governed by Spanish and EU law; God bless the EU.