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Lovina & Pemuteran Hotels & Villas

Travel Ethos lists only 100% Balinese friendly villas and hotels in the Pemuteran to Lovina area of Bali below. Bali "Villas" marked in parenthesis are hotel villas (suites / bungalows). Travel Ethos recommends tourists visit: the Bali Area Guide page.

Mimpi Resort Menjangan - Pemuteran / Bali Barat National Park.
Stylish lagoon resort just outside the national park with direct boat trips to Menjangan Island for snorkelling and diving; from around US$130 per night.

Puri Bagus Resort Hotel - Lovina.
Superb beachfront hotel with large detatched suite style rooms with no aggressive hawkers; from around US$70 per night.

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