— Paradise without persecution

Code of ethics for Bali's hotels and villas.

The accommodation providers listed on this site have either been reviewed by or made statements to Travel Ethos affirming they conform to the following ethical pro-Balinese practices.

1) All service charges go to the staff; none is withheld or given to the management / directors.
2) All service charges go to the staff in fair or even equal measure with no individual or particular group being favorably or unfavorably treated.
3) At least 85% of the staff are full time and paid at or above the minimum hourly wage.
4) At least 85% of the staff are native Balinese.
5) No staff are required to work unpaid overtime, ever.
6) No staff are required to work paid overtime, ever; only staff who freely consent to overtime work extra hours.
7) The accommodations are fully licensed and pay local taxes.
8) No tax avoidance "twin book" systems are operated.
9) No "extra guests" or "masseuses" are allowed into the guest rooms.
10) Drug use by management, staff and / or guests is not tolerated.
11) Local Balinese businesses are given first option when it comes to supplies and / or services for / to the hotel / villa.
12) There are no land title or building permit disputes relating to the hotel / villa.
13) The hotel / villa is not and has not been the subject of local protests regarding its cultural and / or employment policies.
14) No supplies are purchased from TNI businesses.
15) No imported alcohol is bought from illegal (unlicensed) businesses.
16) The hotel / villa is not owned directly or indirectly by either criminals and / or Indonesian politicians and / or Indonesian corporations registered outside Bali.
17) The hotel / villa has a well defined environmental policy and adheres to it.

Please note, the Travel Ethos Ethics Code does not preclude Javanese, other Indonesian or even foreign accommodations operators, it only prohibits those who are not Balinese friendly.


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