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If you operate an ethical pro-Balinese hotel, villa or other accommodations, please make sure you get listed here on Travel Ethos. If you know of such a true hospitality provider not on Travel Ethos already, please ask them to visit this page and join. It costs nothing to have a Bali hotel / villa listed here if they have a "wholesale" option and only a little if not / if the hotel or villa want us to send potential guests to their own web site.

Getting Listed

Please review our Bali Ethics Code – if you can honestly say you conform to this, please join our site.

1) If a hotel / villa is listed with one of our wholesale reservations agents (currently HotelClub and Agodo) there are no charges; we will list the hotel / villa with a reservations link to the wholesalers at no charge to the hotel / villa. These are popular sites for holidaymakers who enjoy being able to make a booking while checking their emails or browsing sites like Therefore, many hotels / villas find it extremely beneficial to be registered with such organisations.

However, if you (the hotel / villa) would like us to also provide a link to your own web site / direct email address, so users of Travel Ethos can book with you directly, the following charges would apply.

If we provide links direct to the hotel's / villa's own web site (or direct booking email address);

2) There is a one-off (once only) joining fee of 5 Euros per star rating to get a hotel / villa listed here; so a one star "Melati" type hotel or villa would pay 5 Euros, a five star resort would pay 25 Euros. This is partly to cover the time cost of adding a web page for you and partly a security measure. This €5 charge can only be paid by PayPal (or IBAN from a bank account in the EU). We may accept payment by post, but delivery would be solely at the sender's risk. Again, if a hotel / villa is listed with HotelClub and / or Agodo, we can add them free of charge.

3) There is a yearly fee of 1 Euro per guest room for small accommodations providers; so a homestay with just one guest bedroom would pay 1 Euro per year, a villa complex with four villas each with three bedrooms would pay 12 Euros per year, a small hotel with 20 single / double rooms would pay 20 Euros per year. There is a yearly fee of 0.75 Euros per guest room for medium sized accommodations providers (60 rooms to 130 rooms), so a hotel with 86 rooms would pay 64.5 Euros per year. There is a yearly fee of 0.50 Euros per guest room for large accommodations providers (131 rooms plus), so a resort with 340 guest rooms would pay 170 Euros per year. This fee is paid yearly in advance and falls due on the 1st January every year. If you join at any date other than the 1st January, your first fee will be pro-rated. These charges can only be paid by as above. Once again, if a hotel / villa is listed with HotelClub and / or Agodo, this charge only applies if the hotel / villa wants us to also link to their direct reservations web site / email address.

4) In return for the above fees we will provide a link to your own web site or, if you do not have one, your own email address so users of this site can book directly with you.

5) Hotels / villas can cancel their listings effective the renewal date of January 1st with 1 month or more notice (made prior to January 1st of each year). Cancellation does not mean we will remove the hotel / villa if they are listed with our wholesale reservation agents. Cancellation simply relates to the direct link / reservations aspect.

6) Any hotel / villa found to be in breach of our Bali Ethics Code and / or is more than 2 months overdue on any fees will be moved to a separate section with a notation placed on the page to that effect until such a time as the issue is resolved. Hotels / villas in this section will have direct links removed. Determination of whether the hotel / villa is in default of our Bali Ethics Code will be Travel Ethos’ alone but will be substantiated; ultimately we would submit to arbitration.

7) This site and our agreements / arrangements / facilities with the various parties is bound on our part by Spanish jurisdiction and law. We may accept the jurisidction of another country, e.g. England if requested and at our sole discretion. We are not located in nor do we nor would we accept or come under the Indonesian jurisdiction; we simply provide a service from with the EU for non-Indonesian tourists going to Bali.

8) Emailing us means you accept the above. If you would like to join our site / nominate a hotel or villa, (JavaScript enabled required) - if you can not see / click our email address, here is an image of it;
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We disguise / hide our email address like this so only humans (not" spam bots") can see it; sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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