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Amed, Candidasa and Other Areas Hotels & Villas

All tourist accommodations listed for Amed / Candidasa and less tourism intensive areas of Bali have been vetted as being pro-Balinese. Bali "Villas" marked in parenthesis are hotel villas (suites / bungalows). Travel Ethos recommends tourists visit: the Bali Area Guide page.

Puri Bagus Resort & Spa - Candidasa
Renowned hotel located on a respectable small beach, tranquility from around US$63 per night.

Puri Lumbung Hotel - Munduk
A cultural Balinese hotel in the hills with a range of accommodations from "homestays" to villas from around US$20 per night (homestay) right up to $200 per night (large deluxe villa).

Rama Hotel - Candidasa
Well located ocean front Balinese owned hotel, superb views from around US$69 per night.

Villas Agung Bali Nirwana - Sambirenteng Beach
Superb three bedroom villas in a mini-eco-resort right on the beach with tranquility plus unspoiled ocean panoramic views from only US$145 per night.

Villa Sangkih - Munduk
Charming two bedroom villa in the cool hydraenga and coffee rich hills of the Munduk area of Bali;  a excellent central island base from which to see all of Bali. From around US$90 per night.

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