— Paradise without persecution

Paradise island lost, Bali and Indonesia.

Just because the volume of Bali tourism sales sites normally drowns out the realities for the Balinese, does not change the facts. Just because others with selfish agendas claim Bali is a paradise for everyone, does not make it so.

Below are links to web sites which paint a different picture, you make up your own minds. We hope it does not put you off going to Bali, as such things exist mostly to a lesser degree elsewhere in the world, but we do hope it makes you very selective about who you spend your exceptionably valuable tourist dollars with.

Fugly Bali
Human Rights Watch Indonesia
US Department of State on Indonesian Human Rights - State torture rampant, Indonesian security forces (army, police) operate and protect brothels, many pedophile rings operating in Bali.
Bali SOS
Nasty Bali
Transparency International 2007 Corruption Report (PDF file download) - Indonesian police cited most corrupt Indonesian institution (just ahead of the judiciary, politicians and political parties) in a country ranking as one of the most corrupt in the world.
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture in Indonesia (Police torture widespread)
Bali BS
Amnesty International Indonesia
Voice of the Martyrs Indonesia
Converge NZ - Papuan Atrocities
BBC Report: Indonesia funded East Timor Atrocities
Official Pedophile Report - However, it should be noted that cases of child sex abuse in Bali are reportedly protected by the Balinese police.
Foreign Children Sexual Abuse Report - It is not just Balinese children who become victims to pedophiles in Bali; these ones were staying in so called 5 star resorts in Nusa Dua.
Sydney Morning Herald Report Bali Pedophiles - Confirms Balinese police protection.
Suharto Family Bali Hotels & Other Businesses - List of hotels and other business interests of the Suharto family in Bali, originally published by Indonesian dissident in exile Dr. George J. Aditjondro.
Singapore Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies report on the Indonesian TNI - This is a pdf file you have to downlaod to read. If you then search for "Bali" you will find the excerpt relating to the fact the Indonesian military (TNI) controls much of Bali booze business.

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