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Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran Bay Hotels & Villas

All south Bali hotels listed here have been vetted as being pro-Balinese. Bali "Villas" marked in parenthesis are hotel villas (suites / bungalows). Travel Ethos recommends tourists visit: the Bali Area Guide page.

Ayo-Udayana eco-lodge - Jimbaran Heights
Superb panoramic views and eco-tourism combined, on the remote heights. From around US$45 per night.

Bali Royal Suites Hotel - Tanjung Benoa
Superb location, best beach on Tanjung, a great alternative to Nusa Dua. From around US$78 per night.

Puri Bambu Hotel - Jimbaran Bay
Well run value for money quality hotel set in good and quiet grounds. From around US$32 per night.

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