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Ubud Hotels & Villas

Ubud, the "Real Bali", and Travel Ethos only lists really Balinese friendly hotels and villas below. Bali "Villas" marked in parenthesis are hotel villas (suites / bungalows). Travel Ethos recommends tourists visit: the Bali Area Guide page.

Bunga Permai Hotel - Campuhan (3 minutes going north out of Ubud)
Small value for money hotel set in river valley offering vista and tranquility. From around US$30 per night.

Nick's Hidden Cottages - Jalan Bisma, Ubud Center
Budget quality hotel in tranquil rice field setting yet just a few minutes walk from all the shops, restaurants, etc. From around US$21 per night.

Nick's Pension - Jalan Bisma, Ubud Center

Taman Harum Cottages - Mas (wood carving area 5 minutes from Ubud)
As authentic Balinese as you can get with wood carving workshop and rice field views. From around US$37 per night.

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