Diwangkara Holiday "Villa" Beach Resort - North Sanur - Bali

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Address: Jl. Hang Tua, North Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
Location: On the beach next to the Museum Le Mayeur. At the northern end of Sanur (the beach area most / quite rightly favoured by locals for it's wide white sandy beach with coral / rock pool areas at low tide). Short walk to golf greens. 20 Minutes from Bali International Airport. 10 Minutes walk to Sanur Town Center. 15 Minutes from Denpasar.

Diwangkara is a beachfront hotel in Sanur made up of block apartment style rooms (the top floor with sea views) and bungalows (set in well manicured grounds). Balinese owned and operated, it is 100% Balinese friendly of course, otherwise they would not be permitted on Travel Ethos. You need to check via the link(s) below for up to date prices and special offers, but prices are / were from around US$54 per night (low season - high / peak season are higher).

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Very much the traditional Balinese owned beachfront hotel in Sanur. Next to the museum which actually means the hotel grounds are pretty quiet for the area, in the area of Sanur where local Balinese like to relax, so there are fewer beach sellers here to distract or even annoy you. Lovely cottage style rooms within the garden grounds.

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