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Address: P.O. Box 225 Lovina - Singaraja , Bali, Indonesia.
Location: Just outside the centre of the coastal area refered to as Lovina, Puri Bagus is on a "managed" beach (where the hotel and the local village have worked together to prevent aggressive beach hawkers found elsewhere in Lovina). On the North Bali coast, 90 minutes away from the airport.

Puri Bagus is a Balinese owned and operated hotel with happy staff and it shows. Spacious grounds with a very long beachfront boundaries where you can relax in a Bale without being pestered. Lovely rooms and great location, plus they are 100% Balinese friendly as it needs to be to be listed on Travel Ethos. You need to check via the link(s) below for up to date prices and special offers, but prices are / were from around US$70 per night (low season - high / peak season are higher).

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Lovina is often depicted as a backpacker area, but there are more upmarket hotels and Puri Bagus has to be one of if not the finest of them. Unlike later hotels, Puri Bagus got in early and has a very long beachfront boundary set with established manicured tropical grounds in which are a good number of their famous "bales" where you can sit or lie down and watch the clouds go from one side of the sea panorama to the other. Lovina also has a name for aggressive hawkers and petty theft, though you can relax at Puri Bagus as the local village works with the hotel, not against it, so beach sellers do exist but they are non-intrusive, plus the villagers provide beach security at night. What makes this hotel very nice is the fact two excellent restaurants can be found on the entrance road to the hotel, so you have plenty of choice besides the hotel restaurant and within walking distance; one of these outside restaurants regularly has traditional dance and music shows. This has to be one of the very best beachfront hotels on Bali for the $.

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